Welcome to NZF Worldwide

NZF Worldwide is an international Zakat services firm which specialises in launching new Zakat foundations, Zakat audit and compliance, management and strategy.


Understand the pillar of Zakat and its role as a human capital development fund, faith empowerment vehicle, economic stimulus and a societal safety-net.


Our Services

Strategy & Consultancy

We work with philanthropists, government agencies and charitable organisations that wish to build and deploy highly effective Zakat strategies.


We are increasingly building links with central banks to support Zakat bodies optimize their Zakat collection.

Audit & Compliance

We ensure all our members are providing effective services through a strong audit and compliance function.

Foundation Formation

We help to establish and seed National Zakat Foundations globally, working with high performing stakeholders in various countries.

Zakat Accounting & Planning

We offer Zakat accounting & planning services to sophisticated investors, high-net worth individuals, multi-asset investment portfolios, fund managers and businesses.

Zakat Calculation services for High Net worth Individuals and Muslim Businesses

NZF Worldwide now offers a newly specialist bespoke service to High Net Worth* Individuals and Muslim businesses to determine their Zakat payables. All you have to do is to get in touch with us with your requests and once you agree to the service agreement, you can send us the relevant information such as your business Balance Sheets for us to kick start the process.

Overview of the Process

Zakat Calculation services for HNWIs and Muslim businesses


*HNW: NZF Worldwide classifies HNW individuals as those with a net asset base of £500k+

All information supplied by the prospective client is treated with the utmost care and confidence, and an NDA will be signed by both parties before the work commences.

For enquiries please contact: info@nzfworldwide.com