Our Philosophy

NZF Worldwide draws upon insights from primary sources, the rich heritage of the four principal schools of Islamic law and contemporary scholarship to realise the objective of the Zakat through transformative Zakat distribution. With the divinely ordained distribution categories at the heart of our concern, we worked tirelessly to create ecosystems which truly established the third pillar of Islam in all communities which we serve.


NZF Worldwide is led by a small team of experienced and focused individuals. Coming from multiple disciplines and being committed to the cause, we coordinate the NZF agenda at a global level.

Azim Kidwai

Chair and Executive Director

Experienced and proven social entrepreneur, founder of the National Zakat Foundation in the UK, he has grown the model into five countries and is focused on establishing Zakat as a genuine and strong tool of contemporary social finance to further the cause of the faith and the faithful. Azim is currently the CEO of Mercy Mission, a global social impact incubator, where he has served for the last decade. From his UK base, he advises on a number of major Islamic philanthropy concerns from the Zakat strategy for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, to the board of the International Institute of Islamic Business and Finance, where he sits as a member.

Professor Habib Ahmed

Director of Research & Development

Before joining Durham University as the Sharjah Chair in Islamic Law & Finance, Habib Ahmed was Manager Research and Development, Islamic Banking Development Group, National Commercial Bank. He has also taught at the University of Connecticut USA, National University of Singapore, Hamad bin Khalifa University and University of Bahrain.

Muhammed Yesilhark

Director of Technology

Muhammed is an experienced chief investment officer with a demonstrated history of working at the highest level of the investment management industry. He has gained experience at some of the best New York-based hedge funds. He is skilled in alternative asset management with a focus on public equities and longer-term equity valuations. He holds double degrees as a Bachelor of business administration focused on European management from ESB Reutlingen and Lancaster University.

Dr. Ibrar Majid

Director of Governance

Dr. Ibrar Majid is a Fellowship trained Consultant Paediatric Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon at Al Jalila Children’s, UAE whose entire practice is completely dedicated to treating bone and joint problems in children. Prior to joining Al Jalila Children’s, Dr. Ibrar held the posts of Consultant Paediatric Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon and Clinical Lead for the Major Trauma Service at the
Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, United Kingdom. Away from his daily clinical practice Dr Ibrar has a keen interest in healthcare policy and management. He has been involved in numerous quality improvement and service development programmes, and for the last nine years has served as chairman of the board of trustees of a multinational healthcare NGO.

Yusef Asghar

Director of Business Administration

Yusef is a serial entrepreneur and has built a business portfolio across the f&b, property and luxury goods sectors. In recent times he has grown his interests in philanthropy across Europe and Asia. Using his knowledge and qualifications in business consultancy, he is committed to utilising Islamic social finance to empower vulnerable communities and inspire progress.

Mufti Faraz Adam

Managing Associate and Director of Shariah

Experienced Shariah scholar and advisor with a track record in product development, Shariah advisory, audit and governance for several global Islamic financial institutions. He spent a decade studying Islamic law in the UK and South Africa, specialising in finance. He holds a Masters degree in Islamic finance, banking and management from Newman University and has attained various finance-industry qualifications. He has an ACCA Accounting and Business Diploma and is currently training to be an Independent Financial Advisor.