Our Services

Strategy & Consultancy

NZF WW has a history of aligning theory, practice and strategy for a high impact and unique value proposition to the market. Our experience allows us to be agile and adapt your market, customising products and services to facilitate optimal Zakat management models for you.

In developing your strategy, we begin with a blank canvas and ask the very basic questions of why, where and how? We need to determine why you’re doing what you’re doing (your mission), where you’re trying to go (your vision), and how you’re going to go about it (your values). These form the nucleus of your organisation and are an essential part to building your strategic foundation and developing a strategy.


National Zakat Foundation Worldwide strives to increase Zakat awareness and optimisation by building links with regulators, central banks and key financial institutions. These alliances deliver crucial learnings, ideas and opportunities to optimise local Zakat solutions. Good communications are at the heart of effective awareness. We pay close attention to the message, the audience and the means of delivery. We construct a clear message explaining our Zakat proposition, why it is needed, and what difference it makes. We present a compelling case showing how it is in the interests and knowledge of the audience.

We have formed strategic partnerships with central banks, financial institutions and other organisations by leveraging our experience, network and subject-area expertise. This is an ongoing area for NZF WW as we endeavour to optimise Zakat management across the world.

Audit & Compliance

NZF WW offers a range of Shariah services including Shariah advisory services, Shariah review and audit, Zakat audit services, Shariah certification and ongoing support to ensure optimal Zakat operations.

Shariah advisory services

We provide Shariah advisory services to Zakat-focussed organisations, charities and any other organisation dealing with Zakat funds. This service involves applied Shariah research on contemporary issues and contextual challenges, training and workshops for staff on Zakat and Islamic social finance, Islamic wealth management, Shariah opinions in the form of Fatwas from our scholars and more.

Shariah review and audit

We offer periodic Shariah review and audits of your organisation. We also offer Zakat audits to provide assurance of end-to-end Shariah compliance, ensure adequate controls have been designed and implemented to ensure Zakat validity and overall Shariah compliance and that adequate Zakat invalidity risk and non-Shariah compliance risk assessment criteria and management mechanisms are in place to mitigate any non-Shariah compliance risk.

Shariah Certification

We offer Shariah certification for Islamic social finance institutions, Zakat institutions, non-profit organisations and charities. Shariah certification is an important feature to ensure the market, donors and customers of compliance. This can lead to an increase in trust, receptiveness of the market and increased growth for you.


Foundation Formation

NZF WW specialises in creating and seeding new National Zakat Foundations where the aim is to enable the team to identify, assess and pursue opportunities to create social and business value for their community The NZF brand is all about the delivery of high-impact social, economic value and human capital development. We help you conceptualise your business plan from day one. This is the first step in developing a high-impact Zakat strategy. We always begin with first principles and take a holistic view of Zakat. This involves understanding theory and impactful practice. We define the overarching goals and objectives of Zakat as well as the potential of Zakat. We then focus on six critical areas in establishing new foundations: assets, people, processes, capital, context and outputs.



Zakat Accounting & Planning

NZF WW offers a very specialised service in the form of Zakat accounting and planning for sophisticated investors, high-net worth individuals, multi-asset investment portfolios, fund managers and businesses. Just as accountants manage your accounts for your tax payables, you can now have NZF WW manage and prepare your Zakat accounts to determine your Zakat payables. By joining our clientele, you will be served by our Zakat specialists and Muftis. This service includes:

  • Confidential consultations
  • Reviews of all accounts, documents and fact sheets
  • Personalised annual Zakat reports
  • Customised options on who and where to pay your Zakat based on our assessment of your objectives, social return and social impact aspirations.

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